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Review Of The Venus Factor: Can It Help Reshape Your Body?

The Venus Factor is a program created for women by John Barban that aims at transforming their bodies. Basically, after following this program, women should develop an hourglass figure, and this means that a lot of the work goes into the shoulder area. While the program is specifically for women who are looking to lose more than 10 pounds by following the diet and exercise routines stipulated by Barban, just about all women can benefit from it, as I quickly found out. What I liked most about the program was that it not only helped to build muscle, but also to burn fat, so it is generally able to produce results much faster.

Each workout contains about 10 to 12 reps, and there’s a 60 second rest between each exercise; this is short, intense and really helps to get the body working. I really respect the fact that the program isn’t spouting claims about being a shortcut to weight loss or physical perfection; it is clear that you’ll need to put in the work to get real results.

Venus FactorWhat Makes It Different

One of the basic premises about the Venus Factor is that it actually aims at reshaping a woman’s body, unlike so many of the other programs on the market. Other courses focus solely on diet or exercise, while others use the same approach to training, as men, but this negates the fact that women have a physically appealing shape and the program aims at developing this.

A Unique, Personalized Approach

While the program is based on the unique shape of women in general, this is not the only reason it is so effective. The program takes what it calls the Venus Index into account; this is basically three ratios into account when forming the optimal exercise and dieting guide and this is also what is helping to make it one of the most effective programs on the market. The program uses a height-to-waist ratio, a waist-to-hip ratio and a waist-to-shoulder ratio (which are collectively called the Venus Index Ratio) to determine the perfect shape of your body and helps give you a starting point to begin working towards that.

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Venus Factor ReviewWhat’s Included in the Program?

When I ordered the program, I received the Main Manual, which assisted me in working out by ideal Venus Index Ratio and this helped me in deciding whether I needed to lose weight or gain weight so that I could look my best. I also received the Body Centric Eating guide, which helped me in setting my goals with regards to weight loss and get well on my way with my daily meals.

I really liked that it wasn’t a guide basically detailing how little I was supposed to eat to lose the weight; it was a very simple, straightforward and sometimes very tasty dieting guide that helped me make the changes I needed to in order to get my body back on track. The fact that it helped me in determining my caloric intake needs by taking my weight, height and other measurements into account, along with my exercise routine made the guide particularly appealing.

Lastly, I received the Venus Factor Workout Manual, which is a 12 week workout guide aimed at reshaping, toning and strengthening the body. The routine is divided into 3 phases, which means there’s a sense of accomplishment every time you’ve completed one of them and they are each about 4 weeks in length.

Venus Factor for WomenDo It All From Home

I am not one to sign up for a gym or even take classes outside of my home, so I struggled when it came to getting my body in shape. Luckily, however, the Venus Factor program is aimed at people just like me. I didn’t have to leave my home to complete the program; in fact, I just needed some simple equipment items, such as a bench, dumbbells, a barbell and a mat and I was able to complete all of the exercises.

I really liked that the workouts were varied, since I tend to quickly become tired of the same old thing if I am expected to follow the same routine time and time again. The moment I thought I was getting bored of one exercise program, I’d suddenly find myself doing something different and this definitely helped me in committing to the program a bit more.

What I didn’t Like

I think the only thing I didn’t like about the program right at the beginning was the fact that I had to commit to the exercises at least three times a week. The good news, however, is that it actually helped me get results a lot quicker, and after only a couple of weeks I found that I missed my workouts if I wasn’t doing them. You need to remember, though, that the workouts aren’t easy, and at times, they’ll push you quite hard. Of course, the only way to get fast results is if you commit to doing the work.


The cost of the Venus Factor is set at $47, but this was a pretty fair price considering what you get with the program. I found that the entire guide was a comprehensive eating and fitness plan that I might have paid a lot more for had I obtained the serviced of a professional and had them guide me on my way to a better looking body. Of course I had to invest some more in the exercise equipment, but luckily these are relatively cost effective, and if you’re struggling to find them at a good price, do what I did and buy them second hand.


The Venus Factor is a comprehensive exercise and eating program aimed at reshaping a woman’s body so that it resembles the very appealing hour glass shape. You are expected to check your own measurements so that you can use the manual to put together a unique eating and exercise routine that allows you the freedom to eat the foods you enjoy while reshaping, toning and strengthening your physique.

Altogether, I found this program to be both enjoyable and effective. The Venus Factor was a breath of fresh air where exercise programs are concerned, which is one of the many reasons it really worked for me, so I would definitely recommend to just about any other woman looking to do the same.

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